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We glad to present you our company Atlanta Ltd. Maritime Agency (A.L.M.A.), certified by Lloyd Register Certification System to the Quality Management System Conformity Standards: ISO 9001:2015, including MLC-2006 demands, No: 10149093, dated 09TH NOVEMBER, 2018 with registered office in Mariupol, Ukraine.
We officially licensed By Ukrainian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (License No. AE 186508, without expiration date).
A.L.M.A. is a Crew Management & Recruitment company providing quality management personnel with the knowledge to successfully and cost effectively manage marine resources by analyzing the customer’s requirement, adapting to what current and future needs will be and understanding the changing maritime environment.
Since 2003 year of the vigorous activity in the market of granting of services on Recruitment, Crew Management, Manning and Study of crews we have acquired a wide experience and good reputation that can guarantee a high level of service to our clients.

We perform professional selection, training, and processing to provide our employers in Offshore & Trade fleet with qualified and motivated personnel under the International Conventions Standards.

A.L.M.A. to appreciate and take care in our seafarers as the unit of value they represent. To achieve our vision it is expected that everyone will contribute to ensure safety, security and quality in all parts at every moment. To comply with this responsibility, we will always aspire to secure our values.
Together we can achieve more profit for everybody!


Our company Atlanta Ltd. Maritime Agency (A.L.M.A.) was created in October, 2003. Atlanta Ltd. Maritime Agency (A.L.M.A.) a large supply of profoundly qualified, licensed, certified, skilled and experienced crew of all ranks. All the Officers and Engineers have certificates of the Ukrainian State Maritime Academy or Higher Marine State College. Read more

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